New Event-Date for the 2020 Red Bull Romaniacs: October 27-31

Competitor Registration is open now: The Vertical Madness edition of the Red Bull Romaniacs is on!

Sibiu, Romania, July 6th, 2020 – The 2020 Red Bull Romaniacs will take place in October – starting on October 27 and ending October 31. The online competitor registration is open now: all previously made reservations remain valid and new starting places are available for all classes.
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After Hawkstone Park, Extreme XL Lagares and Hixpania, the Red Bull Romaniacs will be the fourth and final stop of the World Enduro Super Series and the end of a very short Hard Enduro racing season. With the new date in October, the event will present itself in a completely new atmosphere and take the Hard Enduro athletes to new extremes. Most participants know the Red Bull Romaniacs playgrounds in scorching heat, interrupted only by the frequent summer thunderstorms. Few competitors have raced the Red Bull Romaniacs in the beautiful, golden autumn of the Carpathians: only the first edition in 2004 took place in late October. For insiders this is the most beautiful time to ride in Romania.

However, the decision to postpone the race from its original date in July to October was a tough one. Despite huge uncertainties and rapid changes of the situation during the Corona crisis, the team around founder Martin Freinademetz had kept their eyes on the July date – always believing that there was a chance for “normality” to return in time and that this was the best option for registered competitors, who had already booked their international travel. Unfortunately, travel restrictions have been lifted too slowly for an event date in summer – and some of the main countries would not be able to travel to and from Romania. With an event date in October, not only will the general situation have a chance to normalize more, but international travel will also hopefully be less restricted.

To adjust the event to the “Corona”-circumstances, a variety of changes to the format of the event have been implemented to protect the health of the public, the participants and the organizing team. The biggest change is the elimination of spectator opportunities. The City Prologue, usually visited by thousands of spectators, will not be part of the event concept in 2020. Instead, an off-road qualifying session for the first day of the event has been added. This “Time Trial Qualification” presents the Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron and Atom classes an individual ca. 20km racetrack, suiting their skill level. The results will define the starting order for Offroad Day 1.

Further, Covid19 specific measures will be taken to limit physical interactions within the team and the competitors when they are not in the mountains. The work areas in the paddock, headquarter and service parks will be rearranged at much greater distances, and the interaction with the organizers during the administrative and technical checks will be done with social distancing measures implemented. The daily riders briefing will be done online. All current safety event-regulations to prevent infections and the spread of the Covid19 will be met and implemented. Regulations and measures to avoid Covid19 infections are mandatory for all event participants. More info:

Martin Freinademetz: “Throughout the crisis, we kept our focus on preparing the race, never knowing if we would be able to pull it off or not. We fought our battles behind the scenes and kept preparing our event. 1000km of race track are scouted and prepared and the staff are on standby – ready to go. I am glad we had good nerves and I am excited that we still get to race in this difficult year. We raced the Red Bull Romaniacs in October before (in 2004) and the Vertical Madness Edition will be an interesting contrast to our usual hot-summer atmosphere. In fact, Romania is much more beautiful in fall!”
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Red Bull Romaniacs, the toughest Hard-Enduro rallye on earth.
The Red Bull Romaniacs Extreme Enduro Rallye was created in 2004 by founder Martin Freinademetz. Over the past years it has evolved to the world’s toughest Hard Enduro Rallye. The Red Bull Romaniacs takes place every year and attracts competitors from about 50 countries.
The race is spread over five days, the first being the inner-city prologue in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans. The four “Offroad race days” lead the competitors on some of the world’s most beautiful Enduro trails in the region around Sibiu, Romania (Southern Carpathian Mountains). The breathtaking wilderness, the Romanian hospitality and the unbelievable challenges make the 600km race an unforgettable, lifelong memory for all participants.