¡Ay, caramba! AvandaRocks Hard Enduro ahead

AvandaRocks is a 3-day Hard Enduro Event starting February, 25th 2016 in the offroad-heart of Mexico. The race is located around Valle De Bravo, which in English means “The Valley Of The Brave” – and this place sure attracts the brave. Here you’ll find Paragliders, Horseriders, Waterskiers, Mountainbikers and of course a lot of Enduro riders!


The AvandaRocks Hard Enduro takes off with a 330 meter long city prolog, filled with all the well-known EnduroCross obstacles. The aim of the Prolog is to make it fun and doable and with loads of riding and racing time. The Prolog will be held during the night as a proper show for the thousands of spectators!


The following day takes you to the mountains, where a 36 km Time Trial waits to be completed twice – once in daylight, once after sunset. This racetrack starts and finishes by an amazingly beautiful lake and the level of the track is bronze. Racing after sunset is an incredible feeling and something special about AvandaRocks.


On the third and final day, a real Romaniacs-Style track awaits the 4 different categories. Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold will individually fight the racetrack that has the riders constantly fighting up and downhills in an altitude of 1700-2400 meters. These 4 individuel tracks takes the riders through small beautiful villages, along unused and forgotten singletrails as well as to the top of magnificient viewpoints.
After all is said and done, a big afterparty with live music will happen.

The inscriptions are opened until the 100-rider limit is reached and it’s currently 60 % full.
So don’t hesitate if you’d like to be part of this fun event in the beautiful country of Mexico.
Bike rental is between 600-1200 dollars and accommodation for a week is anything between 200-1000 dollars, depending on the quality of your stay.


For more info, check out the AvandaRocks fanpage on facebook, www.avandarockshardenduro.com or by email to either Jesus Zavala or Peter Weiss