Video: 8 Regeln der Red Bull Romaniacs

Was braucht man, um die härteste Hard-Enduro Rallye der Welt zu bestehen? Talent, harte Arbeit, Leidenschaft? Ja, alles das hilft schon sehr.
In diesem Video siehst Du, was für die Red Bull Romaniacs wirklich nötig ist…

What does it take to make it through one of the toughest Hard Enduro events of the planet?
Talent, hard work, dedication? Yup, all necessary. But here’s a little video that illustrates the 8 fundamental rules for success for this challenge: Red Bull Romaniacs.

Produced for Red Bull Media House as part of the show for the Red Bull Signature Series airing on NBC

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Foto: Predrag Vuckovic / Red Bull Content Pool